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Color:White and yellow (1500-1800LM) Material:Gel/silicon


Electronic components with environmentally friendly materials.

Meterial Gel;silicon/LED chip

Working temperature; -40-60

Light Color: White & Amber Light

Very good product, don’t miss it!

Each light strip has 16 crystal lights.

With turning function.

Daytime running lights is white, turn light is yellow.

The length of light is adjustable.

With light strip drive which is steady voltage and current function.

Powered by 12V voltage.

Application: Angel eye, headlight turning light;

Waterproof-both for Interitor & Exterior of Car use, simply installation.

Use for any DC12V vehicles, require right connect to the positive(+) and negative(-) side.

Installation; This Light have Three Line;One is the Negative line(The Black Line),One is the White Light

Line(The Red Line),One is the Amber Turn Signals Light Line(The Yellow Line).

Package include;

2X Flexible Strip Light (In their original packaging)

Special Note;

These lights will require you to open up the Headlight and reseal them. You may install them yourself but we HIGHLY recommend professional installation. Instructions are NOT included. We do not take any responsibility for any damage or labor that is involved with the installation of this product. Please make sure that you test the lights prior to installing to ensure they are working before proceeding with any type of work