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HC-X3 LED Headlight

LED Type:Philips chips Power:50W Color:3000K/6500K/8000K

HC-X3 LED Headlight

Plug Type: H4, Hi-Lo Beam

H13, Hi-Lo Beam
H7, Single Beam
9005/HB3, Single Beam
9006/HB4, Single Beam
H11/H8/H9, Single Beam
Power: 50W/set(25W/blub)
Working Voltage: DC 9-32V(fit 12V/24V vehicle)
Luminous Flux(each set): approx. 6000lm/set(3000lm/bulb)
Color Temperature: 3000K/6500K/8000K
(The original light color is 6500K white,you can change the Kevin color film to get 3000K,8000K)


1. Double-sided light, Lumileds ZES second-generation light source, brightness of 6000 lumens;
2. Configuration 3000K and 8000K 2 kinds of color temperature foil, color temperature arbitrary;
3. Precision optical light distribution, ion plating mirror treatment, excellent standard cutting line;
4. Intelligent dynamic integration drive, automatically identify the car running state to adjust the output brightness;
5. 360 degree dimming design, the output of the perfect light type;
6. Life more than 30,000 hours or more, more stable quality, more durable performance;
7. Size and the original car tungsten wire size consistent, easy to install, plug and play;
8. 12v-36v wide voltage design, carts common